The Story of Cavan by Elegant Gems, Cavan

Elegant Gems Presents “The Story of Cavan”
County Cavan has been inhabited for over 5,000 years has a rich and celebrated history. Missionaries converted County Cavan to Christianity in the 6th Century. St Feidhlim founded a church at Kilmore, while St Mogue set up an abbey at Drumlane.
In the Later Middle Ages (1200-1600), Cavan was a border area under the control of Irish chieftains. The Anglo-Normans had settled to the West and South as they tried to conquer Cavan but were driven back. They built a castle at Lough Oughter and a motte-and-bailey at Belturbet.
In 1579 County Cavan took on her present boundaries. In the early 17th century, Cavan was settled by planters from England and Scotland who laid the foundations for many towns and villages such as Belturbet, Killeshandra and Virginia. Cavan's history as a holiday destination dates from this time, when visitors from all over Ireland flocked to the mineral spas at Swanlinbar in West Cavan.
There are many heritage sites in County Cavan where visitors can experience the rich culture and heritage of County Cavan.

The Franciscan Friary in Cavan, better known locally as St.Mary’s Abbey was founded in the 1300’s by Giolla Iosa Rua O’Reilly, the king of Breifne but nothing remains of the medieval foundation apart from the old bell tower.
The 1593 Map of Cavan shows the Franciscan Friary Church and the bell tower. It showed the church with an east west orientation and with an external tower. The tower is approximately 40 feet high with open rounded arches in east and west walls, one large window facing east on the first floor and windows with rounded tops on the top storey.
The friary and lands attached to it remained under the ownership of the Franciscans for nearly three hundred years until the introduction of the reformation when the monks were expelled.
The Friary was burned on many occasions, in 1429 and 1468 by the English, in 1452 by a monk using a candle and in 1575 by one of the O’Reillys.
As Cavan town was burned several times, the last time in 1690, the old bell tower attached to the Friary is possibly the oldest building remaining.
Tradition states that Owen Roe O’Neill who died on November 6th 1649 at Lough Oughter Castle was buried in the Franciscan Friary but his grave was not marked.
In the early 1590’s when the church passed out of the ownership of the Franciscans it was used as a court and then later rebuilt by the Church of Ireland and used as a parish church until the present church was opened in 1815 with the last service being held on Christmas Day 1815.
The Friary became a ruin in the early 1820’s and the stones used to built houses on Bridge Street. Milling in the Lifeforce Mill that is situated along the Kinnypottle River can be traced back to the 14th century when there was a flour mill on the site as part of the Franciscian Friary. The current mill, which was formerly known as Greene’s Mill was erected in 1846 and throughout 100 years of almost daily use it served as a focal point in the life of Cavan town before it closed in the 1950’s. The mill was fully restored in the 1990’s and all the original machinery, including what is believed to be the only McAdam Water Turbine has been restored and returned to use.

O'Reilly Reilly Clan Committee and Officers for 2013

Chairman     Vincent O'Reilly               
Committee   Bronagh O'Reilly, Kingscourt.
                     Aiden O'Reilly, Ballyjamesduff.
                     Joe O'Reilly TD, Bailieborough.
                     Paddy O'Reilly UDC, Cavan.
                     JJ O'Reilly, Cavan             
                     Marie O'Reilly Killashandra.
                     Kevin O'Reilly, Cootehill. 
                     Dermot O'Reilly, Virginia 
                     Martin O'Reilly, Ballyconnell.
New York    Connie O'Reilly                 
Clan Director of Music Dáire O'Reilly  
Clan Event Manager     Sorcha O'Reilly   
Clan Genealogist Carmel O'Reilly-O'Callaghan
Clan Artist           Carmel O'Reilly-O'Callaghan
Clan Jewellers     Peter & James Scallion, Elegant Gems Jewellers, Cavan
Clan Accountant JA Fitzsimons, Bailieborough